DiagnosisCostCost for members
New patient oral health assessment£75n/a
Oral health assessment£75£0
Urgent appointment for pain£95£0
Out of hours callout£165£150
Periodontal careCostCost for members
Hygienist, per 30min visit£83.80£0 (routine)
FillingsCostCost for members
Temporary dressing£80£72
Simple composite filling£175£157.50
Standard composite filling£198£178.20
Extensive composite filling£246£221.40
Amalgam filling£175£157.50
Tooth whiteningCostCost for members
White Dental Beauty£295£265.50
Root treatmentCostCost for members
Including a basic tooth coloured filling and X-rays
Anterior RCT single root£462£415.80
Posterior RCT premolar£575£517.50
Posterior RCT molar£720£648
ExtractionsCostCost for members
Simple extraction£158£142.20
Standard extraction£170£153
Surgical extractionfrom £220£198
Crowns, Bridges, Veneers, InlaysCostCost for members
Inlay/ onlay£645£580.50
Porcelain bonded crown£596£536.50
All ceramic crown£620£558
All ceramic layered crown£720£648
Bridge, per unit£596£536.40
Adhesive bridge, 1 tooth£745£670.50
ImplantsCostCost for members
Surgical placement£1,640£1,476
Implant retained crownfrom £1,085£976.50
Implant retained bridge ponticfrom £620 per unit£558
Simple bone augmentation£290£261
Bone augmentation with membrane£400£360
DenturesCostCost for members
Partial acrylic dentures 1-3 teeth, standard£630£567
Partial acrylic dentures 1-3 teeth, premium£738£664.20
Partial acrylic dentures 4-8 teeth, standard£753£688.50
Partial acrylic dentures 4-8 teeth, premium£895£805.50
Partial acrylic dentures 9-14 teeth, standard£823£747
Partial acrylic dentures 9-14 teeth, premium£975£877.50
Metal CoCr, in addition£284£255
Flexible denture, in addition£245£220.50
Full single denture, standard£850£765
Full single denture, premium£995£898.20
F/F dentures, standard£1,600£1,400
F/F dentures, premium£1,870£1,683
Immediate temporary denture, basicfrom £265£238.50
Denture tooth addition£95£85.50
Denture repair next day£80£72
Mouth guards & soft splints£110£99
Botox & dermal fillerCost
1 site£195
2 sites£295
3 sites£385
Dermal filler, first syringe£295, extra syringes £150
Polynucleotides£230 per session