Teeth Whitening

Pristine transformations

Teeth whitening is the most affordable way to totally transform your smile. We prioritise your oral health by using the safest methods available for optimal results, with two solutions to choose from.

  • Enlighten whitening is our premium system and comes with guaranteed results. It includes a pre-whitening Serum to keep sensitivity at bay, followed by a 3 week at-home system. To maintain a forever-lasting result, we can also offer a simple top-up regime to use once a month for 6 months.
  • The White Dental Beauty system includes custom-made trays made on moulds of your teeth, so you can whiten your teeth at home for a 2 week period with great results.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Teeth Whitening.



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  1. How does teeth whitening work at Ivy Dental?
    Ivy Dental employs professional-grade whitening methods to whiten the colour and lift discolouration from the teeth. Whichever system you choose, we customise the treatment to brighten your smile effectively and safely. The Enlighten and White Dental Beauty systems both use custom-made trays for wear at home with the whitening gel in place.
    The Enlighten and White Dental Beauty systems involve wearing the trays with different whitening gels usually overnight.
  2. Why is the Enlighten system the premium of choice?
    Enlighten teeth whitening treatment has become one of the top teeth whitening treatments on the UK market in recent years, and not without good reason. It is the only system to guarantee results to at least shade B1.
    Attachments can be temporarily placed on your teeth so that the trays click actually click into place! The whole system has evolved over years to become the market leader delivering the best results with the minimum of sensitivity.
  3. Is teeth whitening safe for my dental health?
    Absolutely. Ivy Dental prioritises your dental health by utilising the safest and most effective whitening methods available. Our professional-grade treatments minimise the risk of sensitivity or damage, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience.
  4. How long does teeth whitening results last?
    The longevity of teeth whitening results varies among individuals. Factors such as diet and oral care habits influence how long the effects last. Ivy Dental provides guidance on maintaining your brighter smile, we do recommend using additional top-up gel once a month for the first 6 months to maintain your new smile.
  5. Can anyone undergo teeth whitening at Ivy Dental?
    While teeth whitening is generally safe for most individuals, a consultation at Ivy Dental ensures suitability for your specific case. We assess factors like dental health and existing dental work to recommend the most effective and safe whitening option tailored to your needs.